“We firmly believe in the quality of local organic fruit, which is why we decided to join the Crowdfarming family. Through this platform we send our fruit directly from the tree to the home of each person who decides to buy it throughout Europe. Without a doubt, it is the most direct way of being able to unite rural life with metropolitan life and, in this way, get nature to your door with just one click of the mouse”


“Growing subtropical fruits in Andalusia is possible in a sustainable way. You just have to be aware of your situation, use the available means avoiding any waste, invest in water storage systems and renewable energies, and be in continuous training.”

Keitt Mango

Osteen (September – October): ovoid-elongated shape, medium-large size, skin with a very characteristic purple tone and orange, yellow or greenish areas, low quantity of strands, flesh with a sweet flavour and a touch of acidity.

Palmer (October): elongated shape, medium size, reddish skin, consistent flesh with very thin strands and sweet taste.

Keitt (October – November): ovoid-oblong shape, large size, green and pinkish skin, low number of strands, flesh with sweet taste and a touch of acidity.

Sensation (October): Oval-round mango with a small size that usually does not exceed 400gr. It has a purple-orange skin with small white dots.

Inside, it has a juicy orange-coloured flesh with a low quantity of strands.

It has a very sweet and intense flavour.

Sensation Mango

Fuerte Avocado

Bacon (October-November): It has a slightly rounded shape. It has an average weight of between 200 and 500 gr. It is a drupe with a yellow-greenish flesh colour. The skin is smooth, green throughout its life, although it darkens slightly during ripening.

Fuerte (October-January): Pear-shaped avocado, medium-large size, smooth and thin skin. It has a green colour when ripe with small whitish dots. It has less fat than the rough avocado and is very suitable for making guacamole.

Hass (December-March): Drupe with a yellow-greenish pulp without fibre. The skin is rough and green in colour, turning to black when ripe. It has a good resistance to transport and a long post-harvest life.
Good resistance to transport and a long post-harvest life. Each piece weighs between 150-350 g.

Lamb Hass (March-May): It is a drupe with a creamy, yellowish-white to yellowish-black flesh.
Creamy yellow-greenish flesh with no fibres. The skin is rough and green in colour, turning to black when ripe. Each piece weighs between 200-500 gr.

Lamb Hass Avocado

Fino Lemon

Fino: This is the most cultivated variety in Spain. It is an oval-shaped lemon and weighs about 150gr. It has a rough skin, which can be green or yellow in colour without altering its flavour.

The pulp is very juicy, pale yellow in colour and contains approximately 50% juice. Its flavour is acidic.